All-In-One Generative AI Platform

Brainflow is a platform that allows you to generate content faster than ever before. It uses the latest AI technology to generate images, text, and more.

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Everything you need to generate content

Brainflow is a all-in-one platform. It not only allows you to generate content, but also helps you understand your PDF files and write long documents.

AI Chatbot like ChatGPT
An chatbot like ChatGPT is directly integrated into the platform for fast and easy use.
AI generated Images
Generate different types of images like realistic portraits, landscapes, and more.
PDF Chatbot
Chat with a chatbot that is specifically trained on your PDF file.
Documents with AI autocompletion
Write documents with the help of multiple sentence long AI autocompletion.

Text based tools

Brainflow has a variety of text based tools. You can try them for free without signing up. They can help you with all kind of tasks - from writing a blog post to fixing bugs in your code.

AI generated images

Generate beautiful images with Brainflow. You can choose from a variety of types like portraits, nature or imaginary. Those images are free to use and can be used for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes.

PDF Chat

Chat with your PDF file

Brainflow creates a custom chatbot that is trained on the text content of your PDF file. You can ask this chatbot questions about the PDF file.

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Brainflow can be used for free with a few limits. For unlimited access, you can upgrade to a paid plan.