Simple, transparent pricing

Brainflow is free to use with a few limits. The plus plan enables us to fund the development and provide you with a better experience.



Perfect for getting started. All the basics, with a few limits.

  • 2.5k words per day
  • 25 chat messages per day
  • 10 PDF Chat messages per file
  • 3 PDF Chat file limit
  • 5 Images per day (max. 50 per month)
  • 500 character prompt limit



Or $99 per year.

  • Unlimited words per day (fair use)
  • Unlimited chat messages per day (fair use)
  • Unlimited PDF Chat messages (fair use)
  • Unlimited PDF Chat files (fair use)
  • 50 Images per day (max. 500 per month)
  • Up to 8x longer responses
  • 5k character prompt limit
  • Up to 4x longer AI autocomplete suggestions
  • 1% of the revenue goes to a carbon removal fund

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